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Heart of the Gun

Heart of the Gun

Heart of the Gun
20210 Min.5/10
One of the 12 Westerns in 12 Months; Travers, a doctor who deserted his military post, searches the frontier for the wife who left him. His quest is thrown off course when he saves Sarah, a woman left for dead after a wagon raid. With the cavalry, the law, and deranged outlaws on their trail, Sarah and Travers set off together to find this missing woman. Heart of the Gun is a psychological thriller and a romance drama wrapped in a gritty Western setting.
Ficha Técnica
TítuloHeart of the Gun
Título OriginalHeart of the Gun
Duración0 Min.
Año de Estreno2021
DirectoresTravis Mills, Travis Mills, Travis Mills, Travis Mills
ActoresCat Roberts, Peter Sherayko, Jay Pickett, John Schile, Angel Cassidy, Amber Rose Mason, Tucson Vernon Walker, Elley Ringo, Larry Poole, John Marrs, Mike Doherty, Gavin Brannan, John Marrs, Michael P. Walker
ProductoresTravis Mills, Gavin Brannan, John Marrs, Michael P. Walker, James B. Sharp Jr.